Injection Module 112 injections FA-M112

Short Description:

Injection Module 112 injections    

Can load 56pcs pipettes, 56pcs test tubes and so on

Injector nozzle: Ф2.5*H110 mm;

External dimensions : H190,W190,D494 mm

Product Detail

Product Tags

Machine(Suitable for machine models)





Product category

Injection cleaning basket, Injection cleaning basket rack,Injection module


can carry 56pcs pipettes, 56pcs centrifuge tubes, test tubes, top empty bottle, etc

Technical index

Material 316L Stainless steel
Color Matte Stainless steel
Fast interface diameter 32mm
Injection nozzle ф2.5mmxH110mm
Number of nozzles 112pcs
Seats for pipettes 56pcs
Cross holder 56pcs

Product description

Injection-type module cleaning basket rack with connection port

Load to the left and right of the module basket

Quick plug inlet, clean flush water from the module basket into each injection module nozzle

Dimensions and weight

External dimensions, Height in mm 190mm
External dimensions, Width in mm 190mm
External dimensions, Depth in mm 494mm
Net Weight kg

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