Lower level basket frame Used for insert injecting modules FA-Z02

Short Description:

Lower level basket frame

Used for insert injecting modules

With two module connectors,Used to connect 2 injecting modules.

Auto self-sealing docking valve

External dimensions : H158,W528,D566 mm

Product Detail

Product Tags

Machine(Suitable for machine models)






Product category

Lower layer cleaning basket, Lower layer cleaning basket rack, Lower layer module basket,


Mounted in a single, double or triple layer washer, put in different injection modules, flush reusable laboratory glassware, ceramics, plastics, stainless steel and so on.

Technical index

Material                    316LStainlesssteel
Color                         MatteStainlesssteel
Activity roller               Eight
Position regulator            Two
Basket frame push pull stroke 550mm
Fast interface diameter       32mm

Product description

Basket rack with module connection

Manual push-pull inlet and outlet cleaning chamber

Mounted on both stainless steel guides

Quick plug water inlet, washing water from the back of the chamber guide into each injection module

Dimensions and weight

External dimensions, Height in mm 158mm
External dimensions, Width in mm  528mm
External dimensions, Depth in mm  566mm
Net Weight 3kg

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