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Smart-1 Laboratory glassware  washer,It can be connected  with tap water & pure water. The standard process is to use tap water & detergent to do mainly wash, then use Pure water rinsing, it will bring you a convenient and fast cleaning effect. When you have drying requirements for cleaned utensils, please choose Smart-F1.

Basic Data Functional Parameter 
Model Smart-1 Model Smart-1
Power Supply 220V/380V Peristaltic Pump ≥2
Material Inner Chamber 316L/Shell 304 Condensing Unit Yes
Total Power 5KW/11KW Custom Program Yes
Heating  Power 4KW/10KW RS232 Printing Interface Yes
Drying Power N/A The Layer Number of Cleaning 2 layers(Petri dish 3 layers)
Washing Temp. 50-93℃ Pump Washing Rate ≥400L/min
Washing Chamber Volume ≥176L Weight 95KG

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