Factors affecting the cleaning of laboratory utensils

Now, there are many different ways to clean the glasswares in laboratory, hand washing, ultrasonic washing, semi-automatic washing machine, and automatic glassware washer. However, the cleanliness of the cleaning always determines the accuracy of the next experiment or even the success of the experiment. The editor summarizes several major factors that affect cleaning, and summarizes them into five CTWMT points:

According to the purpose of cleaning material, choose different components of the detergent

Generally, the higher washing temperature will have the better washing effect

W:Water Quality 
Water is the main medium when in the cleaning process, but water quality is varies from different place, so the cleaning effect cannot be well guaranteed

M:Mechanic force
The residue is removed from the surface of the vessel by external forces

All other things being equal, generally, the longer cleaning time, will have the better cleaning effect.

The principle of automatic glassware washer: heating water, added special detergent through the circulation pump into the professional baskets pipeline with low pressure & high circulation to wash the inside glassware’s surface, The upper and lower spray arms clean the outside surface of the glassware. With scientific cleaning time and steps, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning glassware.

Post time: May-26-2020