Laboratory cleaning machines make experimental teaching more convenient and contribute to the education industry

With the development of science and technology economy, how to develop laboratory equipment for the 21st century under the existing conditions is a question worthy of discussion and research.

The teaching laboratory equipment in colleges and universities must appear with a new look, and the laboratory where teaching and scientific research complement each other will become an obvious symbol of the teaching level. The teaching laboratory is no longer a verification place for classroom teaching, but an important place for students to acquire knowledge and stimulate their inner potential. Out of preference, we even believe that experimental teaching in the teaching laboratory is the main means of learning for college students.

In the future, the nature of teaching laboratory equipment will change, from the current simplicity to the integration of teaching and scientific research, to build a “big platform” for the discipline and become the base of the discipline. In addition to reflecting the characteristics of the discipline, it must have scale.


Therefore, all kinds of instruments used in laboratories have also been vigorously developed. Among them, there is a Laboratory Glassware Washer, which is a cleaning machine that we developed to meet the cleaning requirements for the pain points of laboratory cleaning utensils in testing institutions. , Automatic Glassware Washer is a kind of equipment that can automatically clean laboratory utensils according to certain program parameters. It is the mainstream way of reprocessing laboratory utensils in European and American countries. It is characterized by automation, scale, de-manualization and dataization. The cleaning process can be monitored, and the cleaning procedure is simple and reproducible, which is the trend of laboratory cleaning of laboratory utensils in the future. Cleaning objects: laboratory utensils of different materials (glass, ceramics, plastics and metals), different shapes (test tubes, petri dishes, volumetric flasks, conical flasks, graduated cylinders, etc.), different capacities and sizes (2ml, 50ml, 1000ml) .


The cleaning agent used in the Laboratory Washing Machine is used to clean the surface residue of laboratory glassware. Its purpose is not to neutralize the residue, but to peel off and replace the residue to adhere to the surface of the vessel. It is neutralized with acid and then discharged with the waste liquid to achieve the purpose of removing experimental residues. The cleaning process is standardized and cleaner than traditional manual work.

Features of Lab Automatic Glassware Washer:

1. Imported high-efficiency circulating pump, the cleaning pressure is stable and reliable;

2. The cleaning positions are designed and arranged according to the principle of fluid mechanics to ensure the cleanliness of each item;

3. The rotating spray arm of the optimized high-density nozzle ensures that the spray is 360° without dead angle coverage;

4. Height-adjustable bracket ensures effective cleaning of utensils of different specifications;

5. Double water temperature control to ensure the entire cleaning water temperature;

6. The cleaning solution can be set and added automatically;

7. It can be dried in situ after cleaning.

Post time: Mar-25-2022