The laboratory has a new module, do no need to afraid so many test tube or pipettes

The most ubiquitous thing in laboratory is of course the various experimental vessels. Bottles and cans, different specifications, and different uses often make cleaning staff at a loss. Especially the cleaning of pipettes and test tubes in glassware always makes people cautious. Since many laboratories still rely on manual cleaning of glassware, there are frequent mistakes or low efficiency in this process.

XPZ company now launch two new baskets just for pipette and tube batch cleaning, multi-specification cleaning, hoping that through these two baskets can help more laboratories to clean the experimental vessels successfully, and one time can clean more glasswares.

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It is well known that most laboratory environments are extremely complex — either cramped or interlaced.This puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on the laboratory staff. Especially similar to pipette and test tube such glassware is not only fragile but also used quite frequently.That means they need to be stored and moved with extra care.

In addition, due to the number of such glasswares are often large, before and after their transport to the glasware washer for cleaning, concerned personnel should pay attention to efficiency and cleanliness issues. But these two demands often form contradictions and are difficult to resolve.

Here, let’s take a look at how XPZ company use their new baskets can have it both ways.

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Item 1: Basket for injection pipette module


This FA-Z11 has an overall height of 373MM, a width of 528MM, and a diameter distance of 558MM. The base is equipped with a roller, which is convenient for push-pull and transport from the glassware washer.

Generally, the glassware washer equipped in the laboratory is double-layer cleaning, and the height of the pipette can be cleaned within 46CM. At present, there are two ways to clean the pipettes which are higher than 46CM. The first way is to buy the three-layer Flash model.The second way to maintain early manual cleaning. XPZ company designed a good products with great efforts and keep making technological innovations. Now, this pipette cleaning basket can solve the pipette cleaning problem of high specifications for users — three rows of structure are used to place pipettes of different specifications, the pipette and water inlet form a close contact during cleaning.The maximum cleaning height of the first row is 550MM, which can be used to put 10 pipettes of 10-100ml specification;The maximum space height of the second row is 500MM, which can be used to hold 14 pipettes of 10-25ml specification.The maximum height of the third row is 440MM, which can be used to hold 14 1-10ml pipette. In other words, the basket of the injection pipette module can be well applied to the double-layer cleaning bottle washer and the built-in glassware washer. It’s the right choose for pipette with high specification cleaning needs of users.

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Item 2: Quarter basket

Test tube, centrifuge tube, colorimetric tube, centrifuge tube are commonly used in medical and chemical, measurement and testing institutions.

In the laboratory, the test tube can be used for a small amount of reagent reaction container, manual cleaning often need to use the test tube brush to achieve standard cleanliness;When centrifuge tube is cleaned manually, brush should be used to remove dirt and dust, and then rinse with clean water. Colorimetric tube is used to measure the concentration of the solution and observe the color difference by contrast. Pay attention not to destroy the wall of the pipe during cleaning, which will affect its transmittance.

How do I wash these tubes in large quantities? No problem!

The product described here is the quarter basket (T-401/402/403/404), is specifically designed for such situations. Its overall size is 218MM wide, diameter is 218MM., height is 100/127/187/230mm four kinds of height, can solve a variety of high and low tubes.A single basket can hold 200 tubes to be processed in one time. Four basket racks of different specifications, separated from each other, can be used for cleaning vessels of different heights; Each quarter basket is fitted with a cover (to prevent strong water from rushing out of the container during cleaning), which affects the cleaning result. At the same time, there are also different areas in the interior which can be used for cleaning different tubes.

The description parameters of each height basket are as follows:

The first half basket is 100MM high, 218MM wide, and 218MM in diameter. The maximum test tube size placed is 12*75MM;

The second half basket is 127MM high, 218MM wide, and 218MM in diameter. The maximum test tube size is 12*105MM;

The third half basket is 187MM high, 218MM wide, and 218MM in diameter. The maximum test tube size is 12*165MM;

The fourth half basket is 230MM high, 218MM wide, and 218MM in diameter. The maximum test tube size is 12*200MM.

Imagine that the laboratory has it to do the auxiliary work of washing test tubes, it will undoubtedly become more effective and easier. Because each quarter basket can clean 100-160 utensils; while our Aurora series can put 8 such quarter baskets in one time, and our Rising series can hold 12 quarter baskets in one time.

The above two new baskets are innovatively designed by Hangzhou Xipingzhe Instruments Technology Co.,Ltd. These two baskets mainly made of international high-standard 316L stainless steel. They are non-toxic and tasteless, resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and slime mold, and can withstand long-term movement. Handling, high temperature disinfection, high-pressure spraying and other operations. If your laboratory wants to save time, labor, space, water, electricity, and protect the safety of operators, then don’t miss it!

Post time: Aug-06-2020