The novel coronavirus epidemic continues to spread, more medical laboratory institutions start to use automatic laboratory washer.

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The disease epidemic that broke out in the spring of 2020 pose a threat to the health of all mankind. The novel Coronavirus outbreak has caused more than 6 million infections in the worldwide. More than 300,000 people have died, and many experts are not optimistic that the epidemic will end soon. If we say that disease is the enemy of all mankind, then there are enemies, there are soldiers, there are heroes, in the front line to save the dying angels are heroes, in the laboratory research disease and anti-epidemic medical supplies are heroes too. However, being a hero is not meant to be easy. Regardless of the hardships and pressures brought by scientific research work, the daily cleaning of laboratory utensils requires them a lot of time and energy. And that doesn’t take into account costs like water and electricity. However, time is of the essence in the CDC situation.It is no surprise, therefore, that as COVID-19 continues to spread, more medical laboratories are using fully automatic laboratory washers.

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In fact, people in the laboratory of a medical institution must encounter the following points when cleaning laboratory instruments, especially glassware.
1.An increase in additional laboratory costs
It may be hard for people to imagine that the results of an experiment can be obtained in less than a few minutes. But cleaning the utensils after that will took several times longer than doing the experiment. There is so much time cost of cleaning laboratory equipment, and also have other non-human resource costs. In addition, during this process, the cleaning person may cause the loss of the test utensils due to careless operation and non-compliance with relevant specifications. It can even cause varying degrees of damage to the human body…

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2.Cleaning standards cannot be unified
In a medical lab, every time you do a test, it’s important to get very precise results. Manual cleaning can not control the temperature of water speed, and can not guarantee the cleanliness of the vessel. Imagine experimenting with an unclean glassware, such as a novel Coronavirus? Besides, the structure of different glassware are varies, and many Tests are failed because the utensils are not properly cleaned. Who can be responsible if this results in a bias in effective virus testing and vaccine research?


3.Cleaning processes are inconsistent and difficult to replicate
During the novel Coronavirus study, many laboratories hope to improve their work efficiency as much as possible so as to make every effort to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible. This also means that, cleaning space, water pressure and temperature, cleanliness, detergent and other indicators need to be constant. Consistent specification verification for health environment compliance.This is obviously not guaranteed for glassware to be cleaned by hand.

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Fortunately, these points are actually have a way to solve, that is to buy a automatic laboratory wahser. So what are the specific advantages of such a laboratory automatic washer machine?
1.Equipped with a variety of standard cleaning procedures, there are many cleaning combination.Consistency and repeatability of cleaning effect: Glassware is required to be cleaned in a closed space, with fixed arrangement, constant water pressure, standard cleaning concentration and suitable cleaning temperature for programmed cleaning. All the glassware after mechanized cleaning is verifiable.At the same time, the glassware cleaned by automatic bottle washing machine has the advantages of high cleanliness, good repeatability, high efficiency, and the cleaning process data can be recorded in line with GMP and FDA requirements.The whole cleaning process and quality can be traced, unlike manual cleaning can not wash under a high temperature. The operation of the closed system effectively protects the health of the user.
2.Have start delay function and timing clean function. Save water and electric, environment.
3.Clean basket rack belt to protect coating, corrosion resistance, increase of service life.
4.With the function of cleaning agent pump into the air detection, accurate calculation of cleaning concentration
5.ICA module design, free exchange of basket stand, coupled connection positioning;
6.ITL induction door positioning technology, positioning buckle automatic expansion.
7.With the identification function of basket stand, it can save water, electricity, consumables, efficiency and other costs effectively.

It can be predicted that fully automatic laboratory washer can reduce the workload of the laboratory, it will certainly help them focus on strengthening the research on the virus and improving the accuracy and efficiency of the experiment. Then the day of our final victory in fighting against the epidemic is not far away!

Post time: Jun-22-2020