Full frame injection module FA-Z11

Short Description:

Full frame injection module

38 pipettes can be loaded in three layers

10pcs 10-100ml pipette, H550 mm

14pcs  10-25ml  pipettes, H500 mm

14pcs  1-10ml pipettes, H500 mm

External dimensions :H373, W528, D558 mm

Product Detail

Product Tags

Machine(Suitable for machine models)





Product category

Injection cleaning basket, Injection cleaning basket rack,Injection module


Insert the module basket of the automatic self-sealing valve and flush the specially long reused pipette.

Technical index

Material 316L Stainless steel
Color Matte Stainless steel
Fast interface diameter 32mm

Product description

Can load 38 pipettes in three rows

The first row can load 10pcs of 100ml pipettes , the maximum length can be cleaned is 610mm;

The second row can load 14pcs of 25ml pipettes , the maximum length can be cleaned is 530mm;

The third row can load 14pcs of 10ml pipettes , the maximum length can be cleaned is 470mm

Dimensions and weight

External dimensions, Height in mm 373mm
External dimensions, Width in mm 528mm
External dimensions, Depth in mm 558mm
Net Weight kg

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