Can you image the glassware washer is far more concise and smart than you think ?

glassware washer1

“Such a big machine, it must be very complicated to use”

“There are so many kinds of bottles and dishes in our laboratory, it must be troublesome to put them? Maybe they have to be washed separately? It must be time-consuming, right”

“Put the bottle in and wash, can I see the process of getting the bottle clean?”

“Its inherent cleaning program can’t satisfy me. Can it do what I want?

The above questions, as a Lab Washing Machine, on the premise of ensuring the “cleaning quality”, its “operation method is simple”, “is the operating system smart” has become the second choice for the bottle washer Big standard.

Because even if it is a fully automatic glassware washer, the placement of bottles and the operating system still requires manual operations.

Then let’s take a look at how the laboratory glassware wahser realize the humanized design with everyone.


Modular modular basket

glassware washer2

Adopting modular design, the left and right modules can be placed on the first floor, and the installation of the modules can be completed by putting it on, pushing it and buckling it. For different types of bottles and dishes, a standardized basket rack configuration is carried out to ensure that it can meet the bottle and dish cleaning requirements of your laboratory.

glassware washer3

Parallel rail + console

glassware washer4

When the automatic door is opened, the lower basket can be directly pulled out through the parallel guide rails and placed on the operating table, which greatly facilitates the placing and taking out of the bottles and dishes.

glassware washer3   


Three keys to start cleaning

glassware washer5

“Turn on”-”Selected program”-”Start” The fastest three keys to achieve cleaning. You thought you would have to press a lot of keys to make it start cleaning? No, three keys are enough

glassware washer3

Windows + built-in lighting

glassware washer6

The large screen can be window + built-in light, the whole cleaning process can be seen. Seeing is believing, you can tell at a glance how the bottle washer is machine-washed.

glassware washer3

Smart articles

Custom program

glassware washer7

Full data adjustable custom cleaning mode, according to the residue of your bottle, you can set the cleaning parameters such as water source, temperature, cleaning agent, cleaning time, etc., and can quickly set the customized mode to ABC three shortcuts In the key, one-key selection is realized.

glassware washer3

Basket identification

glassware washer8

The basket identification technology can automatically identify the number of baskets loaded in the cavity, automatically adjust the amount of water and liquid, and save cleaning costs.

glassware washer3

Automatically open the door after cleaning

With automatic door opening technology, after cleaning, the door automatically opens to about 30° to dissipate the heat in the cavity to prevent the user from being burned by the heat when opening.

glassware washer3

“Wow! It turns out that the Lab glassware washe is so useful, and it looks dumbfounded, it turns out there are so many functions ~~”




Post time: Aug-25-2021