Ensure the laboratory environment meets the requirements before installing the glassware washer

The laboratory glassware washer is a glass bottle cleaning equipment, which is suitable for cleaning various shaped or round bottles. Adopting high-temperature spray technology, the machine has good adaptability and reliability; Each bottle can be cleaned with multi-channel recycled water and pure water to achieve ideal cleaning effect.

The Lab Washing Machine adopts advanced filtration system. In order to save water, the solenoid valve is used to control the switch. The machine has compact structure, small floor area, good energy saving effect, simple operation, good reliability and easy maintenance and adjustment.

The laboratory planning to install the Lab glassware washer shall generally meet the following environmental requirements:

The laboratory used to install instruments shall have a good external environment. The laboratory should be set in a place where there is no strong electromagnetic field and strong heat radiation source nearby, and it should not be built near the equipment and workshop that may generate violent vibration.

1. The internal environment of the laboratory shall be kept clean, the indoor temperature shall be controlled at 0-40 ℃, and the indoor air relative humidity shall be less than 70%.

2. The distance between the automatic glassware washer and the wall shall not be less than 0.5m for easy operation and future maintenance.

3. The laboratory shall be equipped with tap water. If two times of pure water cleaning are required, pure water source shall be provided.

4. It is required that there is a drain near the instrument, which is the same as the drain pipe of the washing machine.

Post time: Aug-15-2022