From which 3 aspects can we judge the choice of laboratory cleaning machine?

The laboratory glassware washer can clean glassware in batches, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of operators. Make scientific research workers have more precious time to deal with other important work.The cleaning agent used in the laboratory bottle washing machine is specially used to clean the surface residues of laboratory glassware. Its purpose is not to neutralize the residues, but to strip them to achieve the purpose of removing experimental residues. The cleaning process is standardized and more efficient than traditional manual methods. clean.

  Let’s take a look at some of the useful features it has:

  1、After cleaning can drying in place.

  2、Cleaning agent can be set and adder automatically.

  3、Double water temperature control to ensure the entire cleaning water temperature.

  4、Imported high-efficiency circulation pump,cleaning pressure is stable and reliable.

  5、Height adjustable baskets,can ensure effective cleaning of utensils of different heights.

  6、Design and arrange the cleaning positions according to the principle of fluid mechanics to ensure the cleanliness of each item.

  7、The rotating spray arm of the optimized high-density nozzle ensures 360° spray coverage without dead ends.

 So,What aspects can we use to judge and choose the laboratory cleaning machine that suits us?Usually,we can analyze and judge from the following three aspects.

 The lab bottle washer can be applied to these routine areas:such as laboratories for organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, biology, microbiology, medical, pharmaceutical, food or cosmetic industries.Applications in different fields need to select the required machine and accessory type, and select the appropriate cleaning program and cleaning agent type. 

 The suitable type can be judged according to the type, capacity and quantity of the utensils to be cleaned:The suitable type can be judged according to the type, capacity and quantity of the utensils to be cleaned: laboratory utensils need to be cleaned according to different structures (beakers, conical flasks, volumetric flasks, sample bottles, sampling bottles, test tubes, pipettes, chromatographic sampling vials,headspace vials, etc.), size and capacity (2ml, 10ml, 100ml, 1000ml), etc., and the number of vessels to be cleaned.According to this information,we can choose suitable lab glassware washer to meet cleaning requirements.

 When choosing a cleaning agent, you can judge according to the cleaning direction of different pollution sources.

 The laboratory washing machine is based on the principle of circular spraying, and uses the physical action of washing water to wash away and the chemical action of emulsification and stripping of detergent to clean the utensils. It has a significant effect on the utensils of water-soluble and oil pollution sources. Washing the utensils to be cleaned with cleaning water and cleaning agents has no effect on their emulsification and peeling, which requires pretreatment of this part of the experimental utensils to be cleaned (alkaline pre-soaking, organic solvent pre-soaking, and washing can be selected according to different pollution sources). Liquid pre-soaking, etc.), after treatment can achieve a good cleaning effect.

  The above 3 points have been able to satisfy most laboratory users to judge the choice of washing machine. If you have other information you want to know, please contact us for E-mail.

Post time:Dec-03-2022
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