Laboratory glassware washer reduces the invalid workload of scientific researchers greatly

Laboratory glassware washer provides a new user experience for the cleaning, disinfection and drying.It not only reduces the daily workload of laboratory personnel and decreases the occupational risks caused by Lab Washing Machine, but also ensures standard, repeatable and verifiable cleaning quality.

Material and process of laboratory glassware washing machine:

1.The cleaning inner cabin is a self-cleaning cabin, which is automatically cleaned during the operation of the equipment, and it is easy to do cleaning verification.

2.The body adopts 304 stainless steel & anti-corrosion anti fingerprint sandblasting process.

3.Drawer type detergent dosing box is designed to be safe and convenient for replacement.

4.The screen adopts 7.1 inch LCD capacitive touch screen, which can display various cleaning procedures, operation stages, temperatures and instrument fault prompts.

5.The inner cabin body is made of 316L mirror stainless steel (icon – 316 stainless steel), and the mold is integrally formed, with seamless and rounded corners. It can avoid secondary pollution caused by water leakage, impurity precipitation and bacteria breeding effectively.

Working principle:

With tap water and pure water (or softened water) as the working medium, using a specific cleaning agent, and driven by the circulating pump, the cleaning fluid directly washes the inside and outside of the vessel in a spray shape through the rotating spray arm and spray pipe, so as to peel, emulsify and decompose the residual substances on the vessel under the action of mechanical and chemical forces; In addition, the cleaning solution can be heated automatically, and then automatic glassware washer can be thermally cleaned and disinfected, so as to achieve better cleaning effect. If the model with drying function is selected, the sample bottle can also be dried by hot air after washing to avoid secondary pollution caused by not taking it out in time.

 Functions of laboratory glassware washing machine:

Cleaning: remove the dirt on the cleaned articles so that the articles can be further treated and used.

Drying: the residual moisture on the glassware washer can be volatilized by hot air.

Data export: one is used to connect a printer or a computer, which can completely download all the information of cleaning and disinfection procedures, and provide data support for cleaning verification.

Lab glassware washer is a high-tech product integrating automatic cleaning, disinfection and drying functions. It can replace the manual deep cleaning and disinfection of various laboratory glassware . A variety of programs are programmable, and the one click cleaning method greatly reduces the invalid workload of researchers, and increases the stability and consistency of cleaning between batches, especially in environmental protection testing, bio-pharmaceutical, food and drug testing and other industries.



Post time: Jul-11-2022