Starting from the design process, effectively improve the system performance of the automatic glassware washer

The performance breakthrough of the automatic glassware washing machine not only requires the overcoming of design problems, but also requires excellent scientific technology and strict production and manufacturing, follow me to find out!

1. Drying system

The drying system is composed of a coarse filter, a HEPA filter, a high-efficiency fan and a heating device. It is controlled by a computer program, and the drying temperature and time can be set according to the situation. The system is connected with the cleaning pipeline. When the bottle washer is working, the hot air will be brought to every corner of the cleaning chamber through the top of the cleaning chamber, the nozzles of the spray arm and the nozzles of the cleaning column, so as to quickly dry the inner and outer surfaces of the glassware. Purpose.

2. Security system

In order to ensure the safety of the instrument during operation, the automatic glassware washer is equipped with an electronic door lock, which can prevent the warehouse door from being accidentally opened when the instrument is running, avoid accidents that cause users to be scalded by hot water and hot steam ,so improve safety.  If the warehouse door is not tightly closed, the instrument will not start running, and the instrument will continue to run until the warehouse door is closed, effectively ensuring the safety of the experimental operators.

3. Cleaning circulation system

Our bottle washing machine is equipped with a large-flow circulating pump, and the water flow can reach 4-500 liters per minute. A rotatable spray arm is installed at the top and bottom of the washing bin, which is used to wash the inner and outer surfaces of glassware in 360 degrees. In addition, a water outlet for connecting multiple injection systems is provided inside the cleaning chamber, and this connection port can also supply water to the upper cleaning bracket.

The fully automatic bottle washing machine pure water cabinet of the Xipingzhe has the following performance parameters:

1. OLED display, stainless steel waterproof button operation, easy to use;

2. Disinfection procedure, the water storage tank can be disinfected and cleaned regularly;

3. The conductivity can test the water quality in the water tank;

4. The water storage tank is equipped with movable wheels, which can be easily moved;

5. Connection method: quick connection;

6. The DC constant pressure pump ensures the stability of the water pressure. After reaching a certain pressure, the constant pressure pump stops automatically, and the bottle washing machine opens the water inlet valve and the pump automatically starts;

7. The built-in UV lamp sterilizer can effectively ensure the safety of water quality for the storage of pure water in the laboratory bottle washer, and provide fast cleaning.

It has the following advantages in function:

1. Hot air drying, 95% drying rate, eliminating the need to take out the drying process.

2. Environmentally friendly cleaning agent, airtight cleaning, no contact and inhalation risk of traditional cleaning.

3. Water-saving design, using less consumables, low operating cost, and saving a large amount of operating cost every year.

4. The cleaning is completed in 40 minutes, and it can be run multiple times a day to help the laboratory run quickly.

5. 5D non-destructive intelligent cleaning, optimized design of soft water, power, temperature, coverage and drying, to protect glassware from scratches and damage.

The automatic bottle washing machine can easily clean and help the laboratory meet the cleaning requirements of trace or ultra-trace; save a lot of water and consumables expenses, help the laboratory to reduce operating costs; long-term stable operation, saving frequent maintenance troubles, is scientific work A good helper for researchers and researchers.

Post time:Nov-26-2022
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