What maintenance measures must be taken after the use of the laboratory bottle washing machine?

The laboratory glassware washer can be used to clean and dry commonly used volumetric flasks, pipettes, test tubes, triangular flasks, conical flasks, beakers, measuring cylinders, wide mouthed flasks and small caliber holding flasks in the laboratory. The cleaning data can be recorded, traced and queried.

The use of the Lab Washing Machine can avoid the infection and injury caused by toxic substances or damaged vessels to the staff during the cleaning process, reduce the work risk and provide protection for the staff. Moreover, the cleaning process of the automatic glassware washer is standardized, and the cleaning effect is consistent, so as to ensure the consistency of the test effect.

Of course, after the glassware washer  is put into use, the user should maintain the machine according to the specific situation. Only when the following maintenance measures are implemented can the normal production and service life of the machine be guaranteed.

Key points of observation during normal production:

1. Whether the nozzle is blocked.

2.Whether the liquid temperature meets the requirements.

3. Whether the bottle box mouth is damaged.

4. Whether there is abnormal noise during operation.

5. Whether the water pressure and steam pressure are normal.

6. Check whether the fasteners are loose.

7. Whether the actions of all parts of the machine are coordinated and synchronized.

8. Whether the filter screen is blocked.

Daily maintenance:

Clean the filter cup and place it again after cleaning.


Post time: Jun-20-2022