The laboratory uses a large number of instruments made of glass, ceramics and other materials for sampling, purification, pretreatment, analysis, storage and other work. It can be seen that washing and drying utensils are very important. Cleaning and drying utensils must ensure that they will not be affected by the previous use in the next use. Different laboratories have different requirements for the cleaning and drying of laboratory utensils. The cleaning process must ensure that the utensils will not be affected by the last use when they are used next time. Therefore, the cleaning requirements of different laboratories are different. When we choose the type, accessories and cleaning agent of the full-automatic bottle washer, we also need to meet the specific requirements of the laboratory.

The XPZ full-automatic bottle washing machine is designed reasonably and scientifically. It is controlled by waterproof stainless steel keyboard. It is simple to operate, convenient to maintain, stable and reliable in use; The working principle of the machine is: when the bottle automatically enters the air washing/water washing station, the dust, glass slag and floating objects inside the bottle will be cleaned through a clean air source or water source. Water or air source can be selected for lab bottle cleaning. This machine can be combined with filling machine, capping machine and labeling machine to form a inter-modal production line.

According to the principle of circulating spray, the utensils are cleaned by the physical action of washing water and the chemical action of emulsification and stripping of the cleaning agent, which has a significant effect on the cleaning of water-soluble and oily pollution sources. Water scouring and cleaning agents have no effect on its emulsification and peeling, which requires pretreatment of the utensils to be cleaned in this part of the experiment (alkaline pre-foaming, organic solvent pre-foaming, lotion pre-foaming, etc. can be selected according to different pollution sources) , after treatment can achieve good cleaning effect.

The advantages of the automatic bottle washing machine in terms of structure and function:

1. The USB interface can copy the cleaning records and archive them for future reference.

2. Optional built-in water purifier, no need to connect pure water for cleaning.

3. The program can be upgraded through the RS-232 interface to realize the customized cleaning mode.

4. The larger volume of the condenser effectively eliminates the hidden danger caused by the discharge of steam in the laboratory.

5. Configure different cleaning baskets, which can effectively realize the effective cleaning of different types of utensils.

6. The automatic closing door device can realize the easy and quiet closing of the warehouse door and prevent the vibration when closing the warehouse door.

7. Waterproof stainless steel metal keyboard, 26 kinds of cleaning model settings can be freely selected, and 20 kinds of independent settings can be freely edited

8. The 600L/min large flow circulating spray system is designed, the upper and lower circulating pumps are sprayed independently, and the water curtain in the cleaning chamber is evenly distributed to ensure high-standard cleaning effects.

9. The high-efficiency drying system composed of air heater, large-volume condenser, filter and high-efficiency fan can quickly and cleanly dry the utensils in the process of circulating heating, steam blowing, condensation and discharge.


Post time:Oct-08-2022
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