Laboratory Dishwasher Laboratory Washer Benchtop washer with automatic opening and closing door technology

Short Description:

Model: Moment-2

Benchtop Washer

One level, fit to injection and non injection

Sample  vials per cycle [number]        238

Efficient use of resource -variable speed heater pump

Safety through monitoring – wash pressure and spray arm monitoring

Convenient drying support – EcoDry

Product Detail

Product Tags

Benchtop washer

Scope of application

Automatic washing machine, used in food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, forestry, environment, agricultural product testing, laboratory animals and other related fields to provide glassware cleaning solutions. Used for cleaning and drying Erlenmeyer flasks, flasks, volumetric flasks, pipettes, injection vials, petri dishes, etc.

Automatic cleaning meaning

1. Can be standardized for cleaning to ensure uniform cleaning results and reduce uncertainties in human operation.

2. Easy to verify and save records for easy traceability management.

3. Reduce staff risk and avoid injury or infection during manual cleaning.

4. Cleaning, disinfection and automatic completion, reducing equipment and labor input, saving costs

Technology Innovation —-Built-in conductivity monitoring system, full conductivity monitoring

During the cleaning process, the conductivity of the washing water is monitored throughout, especially the conductivity monitoring of the rinsing water. It can grasp the cleanliness of the cleaning utensils. After setting the conductivity of pure water rinsing, the rinsing instrument will automatically detect and read after the electricity If the conductivity of the rinsing water exceeds the value we set, the system will automatically add a rinsing,  record and save through the built-in chip, or you can print directly through the printer.


1; Completely monitor water purity during cleaning.

2; The instrument automatically record and save the conductivity of the rinsing water, the data can be traced.

3; Guarantee cleaning effect.


High cleanliness

1. Imported high-efficiency circulating pump in Sweden, the cleaning pressure is stable and reliable;

2. According to the principle of fluid mechanics, the cleaning position is designed to ensure the cleanliness of each item;

3. Optimized design of the rotary spray arm of the flat-mouth nozzle to ensure that the spray is 360° without dead angle coverage;

4. Wash the side of the column obliquely to ensure that the inner wall of the vessel is 360° cleaned;

5. Height-adjustable bracket to ensure effective cleaning of different sizes of vessels;

6. Double water temperature control to ensure the entire cleaning water temperature;

7. The detergent can be set and automatically added;

Operation management

1.Wash Start delay function: The instrument comes with appointment time start & timer start function to improve the customer’s work efficiency;

2. OLED module color display, self-illumination, high contrast, no viewing angle limitation
3. level password management, which can meet the use of different management rights;
4. Equipment fault self-diagnosis and sound, text prompts;
5. Cleaning data automatic storage function (optional);
6.USB cleaning data export function (optional);
7. Micro printer data printing function (optional)


Automatic glassware washer—principle

Heating the water, adding detergent, and use a circulation pump to drive into the professional basket pipe to wash the inner surface of the vessel. there are also upper and lower spray arms in the instrument cleaning chamber, which can clean the upper and lower surfaces of the vessel.


Product Description:

The Moment-1 / F1 laboratory washer can be installed on the lab’s table ,it can be connected with tap water & pure water. The standard process is to use tap water & detergent to do mainly wash, then use Pure water rinsing, it will bring you a convenient and fast cleaning effect. When you have drying requirements for cleaned utensils, please choose Moment-F1.


Basic Data

Functional Parameter 

Model Moment-2 Moment-F2 Model Moment-2 Moment-F2
Power Supply 220V/380V 220V/380V ITL automatic door Yes Yes
Material Inner Chamber 316L/Shell 304 Inner Chamber 316L/Shell 304 ICA Module Yes Yes
Total Power 5KW/10KW 7KW/12KW Peristaltic Pump 2 2
Heating  Power 4KW/9KW 4KW/9KW Condensing Unit Yes Yes
Drying Power N/A 2KW Custom Program Yes Yes
Washing Temp. 50-93 50-93 OLED Screen Yes Yes
Washing Chamber Volume 126L 126L RS232 Printing Interface Yes Yes
Cleaning Procedures 35 35 Conductivity Monitoring Optional Optional 
The Layer Number of Cleaning 1 1 Internet of Things Optional Optional
Pump Washing Rate 320L/min 320L/min Dimension(H*W*D)mm 685×612×750mm 685×612×750mm
Weight 100KG 100KG Inner cavity size (H*W*D)mm 402*540*550mm 402*540*550mm

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