2022 Dubai ARAB LAB Exhibition Grand 0pening

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The 2022 Dubai Experimental Instrument and Equipment Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates will be held on October 24 at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates. The exhibition is held once a year. ARAB LAB started in 1984 and is the only exhibition of experimental instruments and testing equipment in the Middle East. ARAB LAB displays the latest technologies and achievements at the exhibition every year. Many international companies and end buyers are looking for sources of goods and conducting business contacts at the exhibition. The exhibition is the only exhibition of experiments and laboratory equipment in Dubai. It is well prepared and well equipped, and is listed as a global recommended exhibition by the International Association of Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Furniture of the United States.

Hangzhou Xipinzhe Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this exhibition again. Hangzhou Xipinzhe Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful West Lake – Hangzhou City. It is a comprehensive technology enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. The company’s main business is lab glassware washer. After development, the company has formed a team with rich development capabilities in laboratory cleaning instruments, and always pays attention to new standards and new instruments for food, environment, and drug testing, and timely launches new products to meet the needs of our customers. Our company always adheres to the business philosophy of “quality first, integrity first, service-oriented”, and can provide a full set of laboratory equipment, product selection, installation and commissioning, personnel training and other high-quality services according to customer needs.

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Affected by the epidemic, the company was unable to send a special person to participate in the exhibition. However, the company overcame various difficulties and found professionals who can participate in the exhibition and shipped the machine samples to Dubai for the exhibition. The company participated in this exhibition to learn advanced, exchange For the purpose of cooperation, we will make full use of this exhibition opportunity to communicate and negotiate with customers and dealers who come to visit, so as to enhance the company’s popularity and influence in the international market, and at the same time further learn about the products of international advanced enterprises Features in order to better improve their own products.

The exhibition opened on 10.24. The personnel responsible for this exhibition arrived at the venue on time and worked hard to complete their work. The company focused on publicizing and promoting “making cleaning work happier”, attracting a large number of exhibitors and merchants to stop. The atmosphere of the event was warm, and the number of customer business cards obtained on the first day of the exhibition reached more than 50. At the end of the exhibition on the 3rd, the company received more than 100 customer consultations, and was well received by the majority of exhibitors. All the staff of the company will make persistent efforts and work together to make unremitting efforts to enhance the company’s brand image.

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